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2019-05-14 | 来源:思普泰克


Because of the development of industrial automation, machine vision inspection technology is widely used in the field of surface defect detection, such as electronic parts appearance defect detection, magnetic material appearance defect detection, plastic products appearance defect detection, printed character, bar code and so on. These application types have a common hot spot, that is, mass production, appearance quality and so on. High demand for production efficiency and accuracy, manual testing has been unable to meet the production needs.


在90年代,如此庞大的生产量面前,使用人工检测就招聘非常多的检测员工,CCD光学筛选,投入很多的人力成本、培训成本等, 表面缺陷检测设备,在工厂投入如果多的成本进去后, 全自动筛选设备,却不能有效的保证产品的检测合格率。


In the 1990s, in the face of such a huge production, the use of manual testing recruited a lot of testing staff, invested a lot of manpower costs, training costs, etc., in the factory if invested in a lot of costs, but can not effectively guarantee the pass rate of product testing.

The visual inspection perfectly solves the single and repetitive work of manual inspection. The automation ability, objective non-contact detection and high precision detection of machine vision inspection equipment have become the preferred choice of manufacturers.



Machine vision inspection can not only provide the qualified rate of products, but also form real-time data feedback, so that engineers can find out the causes of defects in time, improve production accuracy and save production costs.



As early as the 1990s, machine vision technology began to develop in our country. In this era of full-scale development of automation, the future trend of machine vision technology use, the vigorous popularization of machine vision technology, foreshadows the future of automation era.