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ccd视觉检测设备有什么优势? 96 影像检测设备——思普泰克
2019-05-14 | 来源:思普泰克


With the rapid development of China's e-commerce and enterprises, there will be a lot of products want to occupy a place in the Internet, which is a big fat pork. In addition to constantly upgrading products and constantly updating product marketing, it also needs to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.


Is there any way to help enterprises improve production efficiency quickly in a short time? Most enterprises will choose to upgrade the production equipment in the factory and employ high-paid technical personnel in two ways. In these two ways, we conclude that most enterprises prefer to choose the former one, that is, to find better production equipment in the market. Advanced industrial cameras are used instead of human eyes to complete recognition, measurement, positioning and other functions. So what are the advantages of CCD vision detection equipment? The following is a short introduction to you.



CCD vision inspection equipment mainly aims at the product appearance size, defects and so on to make detection, screening and sampling. Now it is automatic screening, which saves a lot of labor for the factory, greatly reduces the cost, and is deeply loved by processing factories.


Advantages of CCD vision inspection equipment:

1、非接触测量,不需要人手盯着机器运转, 光学影像筛选机,减少成本也利于对安全的把控,对于观测者与被观测者都不会产生任何损伤,从而提高系统的可靠性。

1. Non-contact measurement does not require human hands to stare at the operation of the machine. Reducing the cost is also conducive to the control of safety. It will not cause any damage to the observer and the observee, thus improving the reliability of the system.



2. It has a wide spectral response range, such as industrial cameras using cash, which can see infrared measurements invisible to the human eye and expand the visual range of the human eye.


3. Long-term stable work, for the inspectors, it is impossible to make no mistake. It is difficult for human beings to observe the same object for a long time, while machine vision can do measurement, analysis and recognition tasks for a long time.


4. Advanced machine vision inspection manufacturers have designated professional machine vision solutions, which can save a lot of labor resources, reduce most of the labor expenditure for the company, and improve the efficiency of production, and bring considerable benefits to the company.


以上内容就是对CCD视觉检测设备有什么优势的介绍了, 光学影像筛选机,视觉检测是指通过机器视觉产品(即图像摄取装置)将被摄取目标转换成图像信号,传送给专用的图像处理系统,根据像素分布和亮度、颜色等信息,转变成数字化信号;图像系统对这些信号进行各种运算来抽取目标的特征,进而根据判别的结果来控制现场的设备动作。是用于生产、装配或包装的有价值的机制。它在检测缺陷和防止缺陷产品被配送到消费者的功能方面具有不可估量的价值。

The above content is the introduction of the advantages of the CCD vision detection equipment. Vision detection refers to the conversion of the captured object into image signal through machine vision products (i.e. image capturing devices) and transmission to a special image processing system, which converts the captured object into digital signal according to the information of pixel distribution, brightness, color and so on. The image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the eye. Subject characteristics, and then according to the results of discrimination to control the field equipment action. It is a valuable mechanism for production, assembly or packaging. It has immeasurable value in detecting defects and preventing defective products from being distributed to consumers.